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The ladie scho wald nocht dispute; (Nocht woman is scho that laikis ane tung.) But caulder her fingeris about him cruik. (Some sangis ar writt, bot nevir sung.)

This Elfinland wud will neir haif end; (Hunt quha listis, daylicht for mee.) I wuld I culd ane strang bow bend, (Al undirneth the grene wood tree.)

Thai rade up, and they rade doun (Wearilie wearis wan nicht away.) Erl William's heart mair cauld is grown; (Hey, luve mine, quhan dawis the day?)

Your hand lies cauld on my breist-bane, (Smal hand hes my ladie fair,) My horss he can nocht stand his lane, (For cauldness of this midnicht air.)

Erl William turnit his heid about; (The braid mune schinis in lift richt cleir.) Twa Elfin een are glentin owt, (My luvis een like twa sternis appere.)

Twa brennand eyne, sua bricht and full, (Bonnilie blinkis my ladeis ee,) Flang fire flaughtis fra ane peelit skull; (Sum sichts ar ugsomlyk to see.)

Twa rawis of quhyt teeth then did say, (Cauld the boysteous windis sal blaw,) Oh, lang and weary is our way, (And donkir yet the dew maun fa'.)

Far owir mure, and far owir fell, (Hark the sounding huntsmen thrang;) Thorow dingle, and thorow dell, (Luve, come, list the merlis sang.)