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his life and career. For his performance, Sammy won the

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"It is," then said the knight, "A poor pres-ent to thee."

his life and career. For his performance, Sammy won the

"Come now forth, Little John, And go to my treasur-y, And bring me there four hundred pound, The monk over-told it to me. Have here four hundred pound, Thou gentle knight and true, And buy horse and harness good, And gild thy spurs all new: And if thou fail an-y spend-ing, Come to Robin Hood, And by my troth thou shalt none fail The whiles I have any good. And brook well thy four hundred pound, Which I lent to thee, And make thyself no more so bare, By the counsel of me."

his life and career. For his performance, Sammy won the

Thus then holp him good Rob-in, The knight of all his care. God, that sitteth in heaven high, Grant us well to fare.

his life and career. For his performance, Sammy won the

Now hath the knight his leave i-take, And went him on his way; Robin Hood and his merry men Dwelled still full many a day. Lithe and listen, gentle men, And hearken what I shall say, How the proud sheriff of Nottingham Did cry a full fair play; That all the best archers of the north Should come upon a day, And they that shoot all of the best The game shall bear away.

'He that shooteth all of the best Furthest fair and law, At a pair of fynly butts, Under the green wood shaw, A right good arrow he shall have, The shaft of silver white, The head and the feathers of rich red gold, In England is none like.'

This then heard good Rob-in, Under his trystell tree: "Make you ready, ye wight young men, That shooting will I see. Busk you, my merr-y young men, Ye shall go with me; And I will wete the sheriff's faith, True an if he be."

When they had their bows i-bent, Their tackles feathered free, Seven score of wight young men Stood by Robin's knee. When they came to Nottingham, The butts were fair and long, Many was the bold arch-er That shooted with bow-es strong.

"There shall but six shoot with me, The other shall keep my head, And stand with good bow-es bent That I be not deceived."